Mental Ingredients In A Complicated Recipe

If there is anything that I have learned through this moving process, it’s that change can be good. In the last five 8 years, I have moved 6 times, and quite frankly my middle name should be Cardboard Box. I’ve established these emotional roots in every environment, connecting to the memories. It’s sad to leave, but the adventure is so exciting (excluding the hours of physical labor aspect).

It’s such a natural process. It’s kind of like migration in a way. It’s moving to find something, whether it be better weather, food, or in my case, cheaper rent. It’s progress, and progression is an important mental ingredient to have in your brain’s complicated recipe.


There’s no doubt that some changes may be a lot more difficult than others. I wish there was an easy remedy for that, but there isn’t. Whether it be loosing a loved one or changing your diet, there’s a number placed somewhere on the difficulty scale all the same. This list tends to help me have a positive outlook on loosing something, but gaining something else.

Embrace The Change

It’s pretty obvious that things will not be the same, so don’t try to make it seem like it will be. Take it as a fresh start on a new sheet of paper. You can choose how clean you write your words.

DSC_5689      DSC_5688

Make It A Learning Experience

Any change can be taken as a positive thing. Maybe not in what happened, but in the outcome or chapters that follow. Like a caterpillar, let it make you blossom. Like a frog or fly, let it be an explosion of positivity to where the end result is unrecognizable from the beginning. Take something away from it.


Every Day Is Progress

One step at a time, people! Make sure to remind yourself that they are just that: steps. Do not expect to stride or jump the gun. Handle what you can handle for the moment and everything else can go in a mental box. The next day, pick out something else and handle that. And don’t forget, you might be losing something, but you will gain something in it’s place.

What do you think is your most important mental ingredients?

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Lighting Torches

This last weekend, Big Guy and I moved in together, merging just about all of our things. And I am happy to say, no one has been strangled yet! Who’s most content here is definitely little Circy, excited to snuggle right in the center of us during movies, and double the affections (probably double the treats, too). I’m trying to get in the swing of things, but the house is such a different dynamic now that my socks are folded with his. I can’t help but to notice the similarities that Circus and Big Guy share. They both shed constantly, they both are incessantly hungry, both have a bottomless stomach, and they both can stink like there is literally no tomorrow (after the gym, I joke that Jordan needs to be pressure washed hosed down outside)! I’m starting to think that they are biologically related or something…

Nessie batting those electric blue eyes.

Nessie batting those electric blue eyes.

On a second note, I want this house to be the start of a new frame of mind. I’ve taken a break from fostering and photography in shelters previously, but this is something that I definitely want to get back into. I’m actually going to take time to decorate the house so it can be a home base for creativity, an organized mind, etc. I want to get into traveling to visit farm sanctuaries, and do some volunteering with these organizations. This particular goal has been with me since high school and I think it is ridiculous that I still have not progressed in any direction! I want to make it a priority to make time to spend with the friends that I love and have always been there, and make an effort to establish new relationships. And lastly, to become confident in, what I think is, one of my callings.

Public speaking.

Miss Maggie looking as gorgeous as usual.

Miss Maggie looking as gorgeous as usual.

Maybe I’ve seen to many TedTalks. And maybe this is just some spontaneous I-love-guacamole-and-cauliflower kind of things until I wake up and realize that they don’t go together. Or maybe I will realize that guacamole goes with everything (it totally does by the way)! The 75% introvert yells “What are you thinking? Where are the corners?” and the 25% yells back “Where’s the mic?” All I know is that I can’t keep thinking “That person will speak up publicly for the animals” when I should act to take that job on myself. Why pass the torch when you can have all the tools to light it yourself?

What are some torches you would like to light?


(These pictures are a few of the friends that we miss! Shout out to Lana, Jango, Kahlua, and many others!)

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Never Walk On Eggshells

So, usually I’m just blabbing on about vegan diets and how it is so good for the body, the animals, and the environment. Yet, that’s just all talk, and no action. So I’ve decided to address each animal product and offer plenty of alternatives. Have you guessed today’s topic? 



From scrambled eggs, to cupcakes, to cakes, to pancakes, to omelets, to sunny side up, eggs are used daily! How am I going to live without my morning ritual of scrambled eggs and toast? Trading that which is on the list of top 10 high-cholesterol foods, you just might be doing your body a big favor! Not to mention the decrease in demand to hold chickens, correlating with less beaks chopped off without painkillers, and less birds stacked on top of each other in cages sized to be a little over half their own wingspan. Do you want to put in your body what would be the product of manipulated light to mimic natural egg laying periods? Not to mention the amount of diseases passing oh so easily from chicken to chicken due to feces and urine draining into the cages stacked on top each other. 

There are definitely people that spend extra money so they know where the eggs are coming from, and how the chickens are treated. And then there are people like me: poor college student that doesn’t have the resources – sad face. Why walk on eggshells, when you could just save money and use household items you end up buying anyway?

I’m not going to lie. My vegan cupcakes are all that, hummus, and a bag of Sunchips. And not only are they avoiding the entire egg industry, the amount of cholesterol when compared to non vegan cupcakes is nonexistent! “What do you mean they taste the same?” Apparently, a vegan chef by the name of Chloe Coscarelli won Cupcake Wars with a vegan cupcake! So there you go, a vegan cupcake winning a regular competition – have I snagged you? No? Hold on…

Introducing Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting


AND they have a surprise strawberry on the inside, too! I will not be posting this recipe today, because I would like to list a few egg alternatives, but I will throw in a quick and easy vegan scrambled egg recipe at the end!



Flax Seed – On the packaging of flax, it should have the measurements to replace an egg. 1 tablespoon of ground flax and 3 tablespoons of water is the equivalent of one egg. I like to buy the actual seeds because the have a lot more of the flax oil, but if you want to save time you can always buy the flax already ground. Omelet’n you know!

Cornstarch – 1 tablespoon of cornstarch and 2 tablespoons of water mixed well. That white powder in the back of your pantry that you never use? It’s called cornstarch! Look on the sunny side, you can save the animals with it!

Banana – Bananas have a very strong taste, so go easy on these. I would say that 1/3 mashed banana would do the trick. Add a little more vanilla extract, or if you are making banana bread you don’t even need eggs – how eggciting!



Applesauce – Who doesn’t love applesauce? This egg replacement calls for 1/4 cup applesauce and 1 teaspoon baking powder. You can hatch a great recipe with this alternative! 

Vinegar – One tablespoon of white vinegar and water mixed with a teaspoon of baking powder is great for using multiple eggs! Ew, vinegar you say? That’s eggzactly what I thought!

Ener-G Egg Replacer Powder – This is a powder that is at every whole foods store. 1 1/5 teaspoons of the powder and 2 tablespoons is the equivalent of one egg. Don’t let it scramble your brain, it should be in the baking or gluten-free aisle!

For a healthy scrambled egg recipe:

  • Drain one package of firm tofu and mash with a fork
  • Toss in frying pan on medium heat with oil (and onions if desired)
  • Add salt and fry for 5 more minutes
  • Add 3 tablespoons of flour (or more, depending on the texture you want)
  • Add 3 tablespoons nutritional yeast, a dash of cumin, salt and pepper to taste 
  • Add a splash of soy sauce and liquid smoke, about 1/2 a teaspoon of each 

Feel free to email us your favorite recipes at Are egg alternatives something you would be willing to try? Don’t be a chicken!

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Living With A New Diet

Gosh, this week has been so hectic – I’ve been neglecting you all! Well, a few things are a little different:

I’m moving.

Still kinda actually trying to find a place close, pet friendly, with no weight restriction. C’mon, Circy’s giant skull holds 35 lbs, and the other 20 come from his fat belly! And here I was thinking my first dog would be a mastiff mix…

I’m moving in with the guy I’ve been dating for almost a year.

It’s soon, I’ve never lived with a guy. And I’ve heard so many horror stories from my friends about when they started living together with their significant other. What if he leaves used Q-tips around the sink? What if we get fruit flies and roaches and I’m up late at night trying to save them all? What if he sings in the shower in that class-cracking pitch while I’m trying to study? What if we forget about our date nights and turn grey from boredom? Most importantly – what if he decides one day that he just hates my dog??

I love change.

It’s just kinda, somewhat kill-me-I’m-so-scared at times.

Another large change that I’m sure most of you vegans out there will empathize with, is that I’m vegan. Boo Thang, however, is not. I’m sure I will be doing most of the cooking (feminist kicks in, screaming not because I’m female, but because I enjoy it) but there’s going to be those days where he just wants a steak or something, right? He buys cage-free eggs (which apparently aren’t really all that better than the caged eggs, but I have to crush his dreams of the fairytale food industry slowly), and drinks only almond milk, too. He uses things like apple-cider vinegar and flax seed, actually likes the tofu I make, and probably enjoys the vegan hamburger patties more than I do. I’ve always carried around the mentality that I make my choices, and you make yours. I’ve never force fed anyone any decision and do not intend to. But there is a point when I get a little weary – like any health freak. Greasy and fatty foods can make me squirm. The thing is, it’s not just health reasons firing me up… it’s ethical. 


So what is a vegan girl to do moving in with a meat-eating guy? Cook every possible delectable vegan dish in the world – that’s what! So stay tuned for the most outrageous and delicious vegan recipes I can concoct. Apparently my pancakes are the bee’s knees – Sorry Ihop, looks like we will be saving some money and animals in the meantime!


Keep a look out for all things vegan! That includes dinners, desserts, and quick snacks that who knows…maybe you will include in your diet!

ImageDo you have any advice on this new living adjustment?

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Scheduling Serenity

There’s nothing better than being given the time to think.

You’d expect it would be something we would always have – a right of some kind.

If only we weren’t punished for daydreaming, maybe we could pick a career before being shoved off into the real world. Maybe we would realize that potatoes are just as good without frying and change the world. Maybe we could trade in our shoes for bare feet and stop pretending.

When I was a kid, I was stuck up there. Some home-like place between consciousness and the dreamworld. When my sisters made fun of me at dinner, I held the fork up to my eye and pretended the prongs were jail bars. I dealt with it mentally and moved on. To this very day I still hold my fork up as a coping strategy learned simply by daydreaming.

Shouldn’t it be required that the whole world take one break at 2 in the afternoon, like they do in other countries? Since when did we not have time to breathe? Since when did we have to make time for that? I hold so tight to this schedule that I forget that I’m not a robot. I walk through my front door and find myself chanting words of eat, sleep, and work before the week is even over. I’m vegan, doesn’t that attach some kind of peace and tranquility stereotype? Take up organic and take up the serenity of the world – right?



So let’s change that. How? With one hour. One hour of positive thoughts. Call me a hippie, call this magic. Some say positive thoughts can cure all of our illnesses, others say it greatly alters the things and people around us for the better. Truth is, if we can’t take one hour to just think about the things that make us happy (and it is that simple), what does that say about us? I’m not asking you to stop what you are doing and put your career, academic, or personal world on hold. If you are washing the dishes, wash away. If you’re at the gym, chisel those abs – no one is stopping you. All I’m asking is to think of exciting things, things that make you smile and laugh. Yes, 60 complete minutes of strictly what your favorite smell is, where you would go if you could go anywhere, that smiley sigh after waking up from an incredible dream, what it feels like to be needed without obligation, the people you would die for, the hilarious – yet embarrassing – experiences you had with them. Whenever anxiety, worry, frustration, etc. start creeping their way in, just leave the scene. Walk away and clear your brain with a breath and even stronger positive ideas and memories. I’m not asking you to push all your happy thoughts until you get that one hour. I’m asking you to train yourself that you do not need those negative clouds popping in your head. One hour of strictly positivity will be difficult for lots of people – it doesn’t mean we are depressed, just conditioned differently.


Animals don’t think 2 years from now, they think in the now. What is the point of planning years ahead if we can’t guarantee that we will even be here? At night I always ask myself one thing: If I died in my sleep, would I be satisfied with what I did today? You don’t have to travel to the Bahamas to be happy – you can find it in your daily life. One hour of pure positivity can help remind you of what is worth your while. What is worth your soul’s while. So I encourage you, I urge you to do this with me. One hour everyday for one week, and if you don’t find a difference in anything you can take that hour and return it to your schedule.

Time to think should be a given, not a reward for finishing things early.     

Tell me, what will your hour consist of?

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Support Systems

Guys – It’s a tough world out there.

I’m talking Dog. Eat. Dog.

Straight up cannibalism, dude!

Man, finals are coming up. Mum’s getting a bald spot from stress pulling – and the sad part is I’m not even kidding. So my job? To make things fun!


Mum tells me all the times that if I wasn’t here, she’d quit everything and live in a tin hut in a jungle. I tell her with my eyeses that we should do that wheter or not I’m here! The extra studying time that mum is putting in is totally stressing me out, dude. It’s like she’s all calculater, calculater, calculater, “Circus, eat my homework!” I mean, I like food and all but her studies taste like the poopy gloopies! So I’ve been lounging around, waiting for her to decide when she wants me to take her out for a walk. The late night textbook sessions calls for some lap snuggling and kissing. I’m doing my best, guys!


Dudes don’t understand, a dogs life is allll about support. When she sad, I sad. When she happy, I wiggly-giggly all over with a serious case of the zoom-zooms. When she’s gone, I watch the birds and Mr. Thquirr’l taunts me, maybe I’ll take a nap or chew on a bone. Like, all I do is wait for her to come home. I wait, and I wait, and I wait, and I listen closely to hear the door open, and for her to drop the keys, and every step closer to the door is like a bubble of love building in me ready to pop! When she opens the door I explode and I’m just everywhere and anywhere and I have so much to tell her about my day and Mr. Thquirr’l! I have so many questions – Why does he run away from me? Can we be friends? How is he so fluffy? Dude, like, can I be a thquirr’l, too?

Main point – the best stress reliever and support system is animals. We are here for everyone, just ask! People pick me up for a big squeeze and I’m like – okay! And if you think I roll over for a belly scratch because of me, you’ve got your brain in backwards! Okay, maybe that’s something more mutual…

So, this week and weekend, try to make a trip out to an adoption event or farm sanctuary. And who knows, maybe you’ll find your best friend!


What do your animals do to help you relieve some stress?

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Tick-Tock Goes the Clock

Here’s to that one thing that we all struggle with at times.

Yet, we can never seem to get enough.

It tries to control when we eat, sleep, and do activities.

And the only way it will not matter is when it inevitably kills us.



It is difficult doing everything my school, job, house and relationship calls for and tend to my dog at the same time. I think it’s common to have these thoughts: “Is my pup getting enough attention?” Especially when he turns into the crew from Cirque du Soleil whenever I take out my homework. I’ve had him a whole year, but there are still days when I struggle to balance my attention. However, I’ve come up with a few tips relating to time management. A few of my friends really want a dog, but are worried it will take away from their activities. I’d say if you would really really like a companion, you make time for it. I’ve written down a few common concerns, and hopefully these tips will help some of them dissipate.

  • I wouldn’t have time to walk a dog.

First off, you could always steer for a low energy dog that likes to lounge, or strive to get a home with a fenced in backyard. When I get up in the morning, I let Circus out the back and get ready for work or school. By the time I’m done with everything, he’s already chased away the squirrels! Circus and I do not have much time to go for long walks during the day, so we usually wait until the weekend to do something fun like a trail.

  • I wouldn’t have time to train them.

I keep a jar of treats on top of the shelf on the leash draw. It’s easy, convenient, and I don’t forget them since they are right by the leashes. When we do go for a walk, I stuff a few treaties in my pocket and work on thinks like “sit” and “sit and stay” during our walks. Circus and I don’t do that many “training sessions”, it’s more like a lot of things around the house. If I’m cooking in the kitchen, I will brush up on “out of the kitchen”, and when I’m eating, I’ll do the “no beg” (this one is very difficult!). If you have more time during the weekends and some money to spare, take a training class or two. On your lunch break, youtube some videos of training techniques while eating. When you are watching TV, trade in your soap for the dog whisperer (which, in my opinion is a billion times better).


  • I wouldn’t have enough time to spend with a dog.

I understand this, and I struggle with it too sometimes. Honestly, if you’ve grown a bond to your dog, you won’t really want to leave them. Instead of going out to eat, you can save money and have a meal at home with your pup. If you are worried about your social life, then just invite them over! It’s great socialization for your dog. If you are running a quick errand (and it is not too hot outside), bring your pup with you (just make sure to crack the windows)! I never feel more cool than when I’m driving with my pup. I get a lot of red light conversations due to his fat face and happy grin. And wow, do they love that air! If you are in a conflict between wanting to get out of the house, but want to spend time with your dog, take your pup out to eat! I’ve taken my dogs to two little places to eat so far, just in my area. A walk around a lake or making friends with the regular owners at the dog park is also great. And who knows, maybe they can give you a bunch of tips!

  • I don’t have time to deal with it if my dog destroys the house.

The key word here: prevention. Again, make sure you know the type of dog energy that would fit best for you. The first step would be to get a crate and toys that are safe and good for mental stimulation. If there is an “indestructible” Kong filled with peanut butter, why in dog’s name would they want to chew on your sofa? Other things that I use are frozen sweet potatoes. I cut them in three so they last longer, and stick them in the freezer. It’s quick, and they are only 98 cents or cheaper at the grocery store. First, crate your dog with treats every time you leave. If your pup does not seem like a destructible one, and you want to leave him/her out, you can slowly go in that direction by leaving your dog out for a quick run to get the mail, and then for a quick errand, etc. Make sure there isn’t anything that your pup could get into. For example, don’t leave their food bag out on the floor – that is asking for trouble. Think like a dog, what would you want to get into?

  •  Time will catch up with my dog, and I’ll fall apart.

This is a difficult one. Getting a dog is definitely a life-long commitment. When their hairs turn grey, and they would rather sleep than run, there is no doubt that things are going to get tough. With anything you love, losing it is going to be heartbreaking. However, rescuing a pup from a kill shelter could have saved them so many years to live in this world. It will teach you a deep forever growing love that you never thought was possible. It will give you a best friend and memories that even death will never be able to take away.


Don’t forget to adopt – don’t shop!

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The Fool in Me

Oh, boy.

One big thing I like to stress with this blog is a connection to my readers. I love when you all comment and interact, I genuinely do. So every now and then (even though I loathe talking about myself), I try to write a special post specifically to open up my layers and share things in hope to connect with you all. Psychology says that a good way for people to feel connected with you, is to have them feel like they know you – by knowing your secrets.

I have a disease.


There’s currently no treatment for it, and I know you all will say there is hope, but I know for sure that it is not curable. I caught it too late, and now it’s full blown. And I’m not the only one with it. A lot of you have it, too. It’s called Dogitis, and I’ve got a severe case of it.

Symptoms: metaphorically enlarged heart, uncontrollable laughter, thoughts of worry, and most importantly, incessant and utter foolishness.

I was always crazy and weird, even before getting Circus. As a kid, I ate weeds and burned hair from brushes (it was obviously a mistake to tell me not to do something without saying why). But it wasn’t until I met my match, Mr. Cir, that I realized just how crazy and weird things could really get. Even thought I will be cringing with every word, enjoy these weird, ridiculous, and sometimes creepy – but most importantly fun – things Circus and I do.


Sometimes, I make my dog watch me dance.

Yikes, this is going to be a lot more embarrassing than I thought. So, whenever I get Circy’s meal ready, I make him “sit and stay” while I pretend I’m eating (establishing pecking order), put down his bowl and “watch me” for my command to go and eat. During this “watch me” time, I take full advantage, doing every move in the book from Michael Jackson to James Brown. Okay, I can’t do the splits or anything, but… it’s a full on performance. Like, sometimes I even have an air microphone and everything.

I’m a dog with my dog.

Ugh, here we go. I bark, whine, growl, face lick and do the “play bow” just like a dog when it’s me and Circus. It puts me on a deeper level with him. I can’t explain it, but I think by doing those things, I’m talking in his language. And by him understanding phrases like “come up on the couch”, he’s talking in mine. That’s why he loves my boyfriend, Jordan. Because when they wrestle, Jordo uses his weight against Circus just like Circus does with other dogs. But, I think he can kind of get confused when other people don’t lick him back when he gives kisses…


I make up my own vocabulary. 

Nothing can even come close to describing my dog. So what better way than to make up words?! Of these, are: crunky, crookie, creeky, and pumpi to name a few. I will deny everything if this is brought up in public.

I have hideous facial expressions.

If I catch Circus watching me, I will make the most horrible facial expressions on this earth – one right after the other. To say I’m basically my own horror film is an understatement. After 8 or so faces, Circus either gets bored or freaked out and looks away. I don’t know why I do this – then again, I don’t know why I do a lot of things…

I have one-way conversations, which are actually two-way.

If I’m doing something drastically weird, Circus will just watch me and make me think of how I look in that moment. I feel like his body language is so clear to me that I can guess what he is saying. After a meal time performance, he’ll crook his head to the side, and I’ll say “I’m not crazy. You can look at me like that all you want.” Or if he is watching me cook, he gets this look about him, like offended that I’m not giving him a treat, and I’ll say “Well, maybe if you’d sit like a good boy or something, you’d get a surprise.” This usually followed by him looking in a different direction and me saying “Fine then,” before he gives up and sits. My tone of voice is very dynamic, and that could play a big part in why I feel like he get’s the main idea of what I am saying when I talk.


So now that you are thoroughly freaked out, I’m asking you to please hesitate before clicking the “unfollow” button! I don’t usually do these posts, and part of me really is normal. I promise.

For those of you that have Dogitis, enjoy it along with both its good and bad symptoms. And if you don’t have Dogitis, just wait – it’s contageous!

What are some foolish things that your dog has brought out in you?

How are you as sick as a dog?

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One Million Wishes




I made a wish on my burthdae! Okay, I made a few…

I wished to eat the cupcake as fast as doggily possible.

I wished to swallow every banana and lick all of the peanut butter.


Fine, and I wished to throw it back up and eat it again, man!

I wished to have one every day.

And then I wished to have two every day. 

And three…

I wished I didn’t have to wait or wear this stupid hat for babies.



But before I wished again, I went… gobble, gobble, gobble…




Dude, I wished for every dog to have a cup cake like this one (just not mine though).

I wished for every doggy to get a burthdae like mine.

I wished for the doggies in the shelters to get ‘dopted like me.

And then maybe, just maybe, 

Turning old just might not be a bad thing after all…

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The Things March Brings

Spring break is here! Can you imagine no school or work for a whole week?! I sure can’t!


March is a crazy month because my uggy buggy babies have birthdays this month! Well, Circy’s birthday is also his “Gotchya Day”. He will be 2 years old, and Takk will be a whopping 3! I’ve been thinking about gifts for my pup and ferret, and I don’t want to get just anything. One of my friends gave me a coupon for a free day at daycare that I was thinking about using for Circy’s big day so he can play in a pool with other dogs. And as for Takk, I think I will throw him a little birthday party with his two ferret friends: Winston and Lorenzo. But as for gifts, I’m coming up short. I’m willing to spend a little money for something that I know he will like. I’ve bought so many things from A to Z, and the only thing he hasn’t seemed to destroy is his Blue Ball (though he’s somehow managed to crack it open 5/10 times)! I love puzzles for him, because it gets him thinking, but I feel as though he’ll just start chewing when he gets frustrated! As for Takk, I’ve been thinking of something along the lines of a little hammock for his cage. He loves cat toys, so maybe those crinkly pants that cats love to run through? Make sure to comment what you would recommend!

And as for the cake, I’ve got a few healthy, animal-friendly tricks up my sleeve. So stay tuned!

And have you sent in your pictures yet? There’s THREE more days until the contest ends! The contest ends this Friday at 11:59 pm Eastern time. The one picture with the most likes gets a free customized piece of art of their pet! And all you have to do is send in a picture and get likes – so hurry!

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