You, Me & Number Three

There are moments when nothing seems to fit.

The world seems upside down, and am struggling to set some kind of routine in my life- to get some structure. Then I remember, spontaneous events are good – they keep the mind young. That grasping these structures exceptionally tight is going against the way of the world, the current of the river. I say a lot of things: I’m going to start back with yoga, I’m going to take a longer break from fostering, I’m going to do a lot more for animals other than dogs. Turns out, especially when creating crazy goals when it comes to the new year’s resolution, I always end up being all talk. Except this year. Turns out the first two weeks in January is already starting with a bang…

Introducing my new foster, Avery.


Quite the cutie, wouldn’t you say so yourself? I’ve been trying to figure out what number that makes us, and I’m coming up with around 10? I can’t believe I’ve had 10 pups pass through my doors (some even twice), and that many warm fuzzy hugs and slobbery kisses. Well, the blog is going to consist of a log more posts (sorry, college student here!) and funny pictures of this sweetheart available through Last Hope Rescue, FL. Avery is just a puppy, but was potty trained by the third day, and taught “sit” on the first. She outsmarts Circus on more occasions than I’d like to admit, and her favorite thing in the whole world? Socks. Clean socks, dirty socks, you name it. She’ll carry them around with her everywhere.

Maybe I have my very own Dobby on my hands…

And # 2 on my resolution list: to help other animals other than dogs.


A protest! I gave up the Circus years and years ago, but this was the first interaction I’ve had shining light on this issue. Yes, we saw a lot of rolling of the eyes, some under-the-breath comments, and some cold a$$ weather, but we stuck it out. I’m used to feeling like I’m fighting a battle on my own sometimes, so this was a wonderful feeling. Even though the numbers weren’t huge, the support was like something silent and strong. A common thought passed through just brainwaves. Something Unsaid, Yet Understood.


Be sure to follow silly pictures (not posted on the blog) of Circus and the new foster on the facebook page as well as the new twitter! If you have any personal comments, you can email us at! Join us in our adventure, we would love some more friends!

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